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Download: Nehuen "Jam 2 (El Gaucho Mix)"

Label: Classicworks

Last week saw Barcelona's Classicworks label issue the Hidden Traxx EP from imprint co-founder Nehuen. Pulled from the record, "Jam 2 (El Gaucho Mix)" is one of four squelching exercises Hidden Traxx has to offer, all of which are said to be the result of single takes laid down using the producer's extensive arsenal of hardware. Spanning five minutes, "Jam 2" begins by placing a bouncing bassline beneath growing layers of crunchy rhythms. From there, Nehuen introduces spacey chords and a handful of restless synth lines, all of which are pushed through resonant filters and increasingly lined with harmonic distortion as they wrap around the track's thumping rhythms. Out now, the rest of Nehuen's new EP for Classicworks can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Wandl "Steps"

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Label: Affine

Early next month, 20-year-old Vienna-based producer Wandl will debut on the Affine label with the Far Way Home EP, for which the soul-strewn "Steps" will serve as the record's lead cut. At its base, "Steps" is a jazzy beat, one flushed with warm chords and melodic keyboard runs which glide atop the track's somewhat broken rhythms. Eventually, layers of Wandl's own voice rise to surface, never exactly taking the lead, but rather adding another reverberated texture to the production's dusty sonic palette. Wandl's "Steps" will join four other efforts from the budding producer when his Far Way Home EP officially lands on December 8. 

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Download: Mijo "Valet Parking"

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Label: Sanfuentes

Hailing from Mexico City, prolific producer Alec Sander (who has in the past operated under the names La Royale, Yesco, and Moon Runner) will deliver the next record for Sanfuentes—the eponymous label of LA-based Cómeme affiliate Vicente Sanfuentes—under his Mijo alias. Due out on December 8, Mijo's Economic EP is said to embody the Mexican club music ethos of "less is more," offering four tracks of stripped-back techno with "no gimmicks, no flash." A fine example of such is EP cut "Valet Parking," which sees Mijo crafting an efficient but energetic production that laces its lively drum-machine stomp with playful bits of upfront synth tones and, of course, plenty of percussive odds and ends. Ahead of its release next month, Mijo's forthcoming Economic EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Machines in Heaven "Hindu Milk (Debukas Remix)"

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Earlier this month, Glasgow trio Machines in Heaven dropped the Hindu Milk EP (artwork above), a five-track effort which explored a number of (mostly instrumental) electronic and pop hybrids. To coincide with the release, Machines in Heaven has tapped fellow Glaswegian talent Debukas to remix the EP's title track, the results of which are featured here. A wistful, M83-esque affair, Debukas reshapes "Hindu Milk" into a more club-appropriate outing, placing a thick bassline beneath the array of warm chords and sprightly melodic content which Debukas repurposes from Machines in Heaven's original track. Debukas' rework can be grabbed below, while a full stream of Machines in Heaven's Hindu Milk EP can be found after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Lowcommittee "1943"

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Label: Vlek

The addition of Brice Dreessen (a.k.a. Lowcommittee) to Belguim's Vlek label seems fated to be a good fit. A hometown producer who has made a name for himself across two intriguing cassette releases for his own Varech label, the Belgian talent is set join the adventurous label's fold next month with Race at Neon Club. Appearing early on in the record is "1943," which serves as Race at Neon Club's rhythmic-based outing, placing a collection of thumping kicks and toms beneath expansive sheets of ever-evolving synth tones. Lowcommittee's "1943" exploration is set to be joined by seven similarly hand-crafted productions when Vlek issues Race at Neon Club in vinyl and digital form on December 1. 

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Download: Villain "Vantage (Subterranean Dub)"

Label: Futra

Earlier this month, LA producer Villain became the latest producer to step up on local label Futra, delivering his Vantage EP via the label. Across its four tracks, the record sees Villain lacing heavy-handed rhythmic structures with dense sonic atmospheres, such as on the record's closing cut, a "Subterranean Dub" version of the EP's title track. Stretched across six minutes, the dub strips back the original effort's drum pattern, focusing on an industrial half-time step which cuts through a wide-spread array of moody chords and swelling pads. Out now, the rest of Villain's recent Vantage EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: S-Ampel "Playing Games"

First Listen

A bonus cut to S-Ampel's forthcoming The Escapist EP for UK label Decay, "Playing Games" is an acutely focused dancefloor cut. An efficient tool of sorts, the track leads with sharp four-on-the-floor rhythms and undulating sub-bass, on top of which the Birmingham producer lays down dubbed chords, wordless vocal murmurs, and light touches of percussion and FX. Before S-Ampel's deep-rooted The Escapist EP lands next week (November 24, to be exact), the upcoming three-track record can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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