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  • 01/06/2014

DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn "DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn Meet Tshetsha Boys (Photonz 33 1/3 Refix)"

Portuguese outfit Photonz has been playing Chicago footwork purveyors DJ Rashad's and DJ Spinn's (pictured above) Shangaan Shake collaboration with South African artists Tshetsha Boys in its DJ sets for a while, coming to the conclusion that the track would mix well at the wrong speed, especially when paired with the duo's own brand of gritty techno. For the "Photonz 33 1/3 Refix," the blistering original cut is slowed down by a handful of rpms, and then augmented with TR-505 drum rhythms, Minibrute analog synthlines, and some light processing. The results offer a slurred, redlining edit that retains DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn's skittish energy.

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