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  • 03/11/2014

The Cyclist "Heated Cliff"

After being highlighted as one of XLR8R's best new artists of 2013, Andrew Morrison (a.k.a. The Cyclist) assumed a new handle, Buz Ludzha, for his only output of 2014 so far. But on Crash Symbols' obscenely long, 33-track Touched By an Angle compilation (out today), Morrison steps back into his more familiar moniker to deliver the slow-brewing "Heated Cliff" as The Cyclist. The Liverpool-based producer pushes samples of dusty percussion and buzzing drones beneath increasing layers of Vangelis-like synthscapes (albeit ones ran through a distortion pedal) on his contribution to Touched By an Angle, which is joined by music from producers such as Vanilla Hammer and Cream Dream. All 33 tracks from the brand-new comp can be downloaded for a price of one's own choosing via Crash Symbols' Bandcamp.

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