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  • 04/09/2014

AGC Esquire "The First Broadcast"

Another alias of Scottish DJ/producer and Cut label head DFRNT, AGC Esquire has shared the retro-touched title track from his recently released EP. Drenched in bouncy percussion and textured synth melodies, "The First Broadcast" evokes the nostalgic sensation of booting up MegaMan on your NES, and watching as colorful 8-bit textures flicker across a CRT display. AGC Esquire's production is an in-your-face reminder of the euphoric and optimistic soundscapes produced by hardware of past decades, revitalizing a familiar sound while incorporating his own fresh style and production techniques into the mix. A preview of AGC Esquire's The First Broadcast EP—which happens to be Cut's first release since switching to a subscription-based model that gives fans 12 releases a year for the price of $1.00—can be streamed after the jump.

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