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Download: Future Rapper et al. "Future Past Perfect"

Unusual Animals is Asthmatic Kitty's new imprint for conceptual, electronic projects, and on the forthcoming Land of a Thousand Rappers: Vol 1, The Fall of the Pillers, Asthmatic Kitty employee Michahel Kaufman (a.k.a. Future Rapper) collaborates with the likes of The Holy Fool, the Queen of Soft, and Papa Alabaster for an avant hip-hop album that emulates the label's musical values. 

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Download: Amir Sulaiman "Change Gonna Come"

Label: Uprising

Amir Sulaiman is on a mission to revive posi-hip-hop one track at a time. This activist, writer and MC is at his most uplifting on "Change Gonna Come," a politically conscious opus that'll have backpackers and nu-soul devotees equally energetic. 


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Download: A Shoreline Dream "New York"

Denver-based band A Shoreline Dream knows its way around Slowdive's back catalog. Taken from the forthcoming Coastal EP, "New York" will have shoegazers on their knees. 


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Download: Crunc Tesla "Firewalk with Us (The Hand of God)"

Ex-Dragons of Zynth member Crunc Tesla is the new grime occultist. "Firewalk with Us" finds the sci-fi master in the deepest bass lair this side of Kode 9. Featuring K-Swift, Seraphim, and Diego Maredonna, this track would suffice well in any club with a seance room. 


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Download: DatA "Morphosis"

DatA is a 21-year old Frenchman caught in the electro-house paradigm, but that doesn't mean that his production skills aren't on point. With everyone from Justice to Guns 'N' Bombs rocking his tracks, this whiz-kid is causing a serious stir. "Morphosis" is the synth-solo answer to your banger prayers. 


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Download: Christopher Willits "Colors Shifting (The Dead Texan Color Shifter)"

Label: Ghostly International

Dream-pop experimentalist Christopher Willits 


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Download: Bong-Ra "Woody Strobe"

Our boy Bong-Ra has come through with an exclusive dark-step track for XLR8R.com listeners only. Unlike his patented doomy brakcore, Bong-Ra rips the dub-step template to shreds with ghostly bass from the center of hell. "Woody Strobe" may be the anthem for the dreadlocked, satanic elite. 


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