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  • 07/11/2014

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Wallwork & RZR "Mad Techno Invasion"

"Mad Techno Invasion"—the title track from East London duo Wallwork & RZR's forthcoming EP for Infinite Machine—is a deceiving production. Though its title may lead one to expect a brooding techno excursion, the tune actually begins in more garage-indebted territory, crafting a skipping, bass-heavy beat with moody chords and chopped vocal samples. It's around the two-minute mark that the track then completely flips, diving into a heavy assemblage of machine-made bass tones, booming kicks, and stuttering percussion. One of five tracks to be included on the pair's upcoming EP, "Mad Techno Invasion" can be downloaded below while the rest of Wallwork & RZR's new effort can be previewed after the jump.

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