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  • 08/22/2014

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Genuflex "The Last Gods (Eaux Remix)"

Earlier this year, London crooner Genuflex (pictured above) released his "The Last Gods" single via Federal Prism. A dark and pulsing pop song lined with screeching textures, the track has now been given a remix treatment courtesy of fellow London trio Eaux. In its hands, Eaux reshapes "The Last Gods" into a more understated production, softening the original tune's edges in order to fit them into a more heavenly assemblage of active synth lines and bathing them in rich ambience. Likely the result of improvised manipulations, the remix eventually breaks down to a beatless mass of reverb-laden vocals and distant loops, which fade into the bell-like drones and restless electronics that appear in the rework's closing moments.

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