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Banjo or Freakout "Over There"

Label: Lefse

Average: 7.1 (20 votes)

Offshore "Round and Round"

Label: Big Dada

Average: 8.2 (40 votes)

Sonido Rampage y Nader "If You Leave"

Average: 7.5 (52 votes)

TRC "Oo Aa Ee VIP"

Label: Butterz

Average: 7.5 (50 votes)

Les Sins "Lina"

Label: Carpark

Average: 7.9 (49 votes)

Zuzuka Poderosa "Entre e Sai (Bassanovva Alien Disco Mix)"

First Listen

Average: 6.3 (29 votes)

xxxy "Just for Me"

Label: Fortified Audio

Average: 8 (54 votes)

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