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Cassian "Final Round"

Label: Bang Gang

Average: 6.4 (31 votes)


Average: 6.2 (29 votes)

Mux Mool "Ballad of Gloria Featherbottom"

Label: Moodgadget

Average: 7.5 (86 votes)

Genuine Guy "The Illegible Bachelor"

Label: Tigerbass

Average: 6.5 (31 votes)

Jogger "In America"

Label: Magical Properties

Average: 6.2 (25 votes)

Gatekeeper "Forgotten"

Label: Fright

Average: 7.3 (51 votes)

Alika y Nueva Alianza "Para Bailar Cumbia (El Hijo de la Cumbia Remix)"

Label: Soot

Average: 6.3 (46 votes)

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