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Justice "One Minute (Toy Selectah Remix)"

Average: 5.9 (36 votes)

Mr. Lif "The Sun"

Label: Bloodbot Tactical


Mr. Lif
Average: 6.9 (38 votes)

Major Lazer "Hold the Line"

Label: Downtown

Average: 7 (49 votes)

Papercuts "Future Primitive (Ruby Suns remix)"

Label: Gnomonsong

Average: 5.6 (25 votes)

Serengeti & Polyphonic "My Patriotism"

Label: anticon.

Average: 7.7 (129 votes)

Kotchy "Check Out My Keychain (dÉbruit's KeeCLAC Remix)"


Average: 7.7 (59 votes)

A.M. Architect "Next of Kin (Ernest Gonzales remix)"

Label: Antipop

Average: 7.5 (33 votes)

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