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Pulp Disco & The Outcasts "Down & Out in Paris and Manchester (Love Story Mix)"

First Listen
Label: La Dame Noir

Average: 7.5 (75 votes)

Simone Gatto "May 28th"

First Listen
Label: Out-er

Average: 6.9 (45 votes)

Daddy AOL "Fall Off"

First Listen
Label: Swim Team

Average: 8.3 (112 votes)

Frank & Tony "Bring the Sun (Dub)"

First Listen

Average: 8.2 (71 votes)

Flore "Graved on Stone"

First Listen
Label: Polaar

Average: 6.9 (54 votes)

Siete Catorce "Syncopate"

Label: Enchufada

Average: 7 (73 votes)

Cignol "Sys486"

Label: Seagrave

Average: 7.8 (65 votes)

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