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  • 08/25/2006

Kid Koala To Release Your Mom's Favorite DJ


One of electronic music's true Renaissance men, Eric San, aka Kid Koala, always delivers albums that capitalize on his numerous talents, bringing together his experiences as a turntablist, graphic artist, illustrator, and puppet master. San has also been heavy into conceptualizing his work since he began releasing material almost a decade ago. Your Mom's Favorite DJ is no exception to this. While certain parts of the tracks harken back to the seminal Scratchcratchratchatch cassette, the new album does show a slightly different side of Sans and proves he's expanded his arsenal of sounds considerably. Also not to be missed is the reference to a book about a clarinet-playing mosquito that Sans is rumored to be working on as we speak.

Your Mom's Favorite DJ is out September 6, 2006 on Ninja Tune.


Left Side:
Start Heeeeers Koala
Stoppin Traffic
Tracks Etc.
Slew Test 1
Lunch With Pavlov
Robo-Cookie Factory
Things'll Be Good Again
Dinner At 1.00a.m.
Party At Eric's

Right Side:
Slew Test 2
Gimme A K!
Mosquito Vs. Waterbuffalo
Slew Test 3
Paper Route Days
Nufonia Noise Consultation Committee
The Denouement


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