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  • 08/08/2006

New At INCITE Online

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The Weird Weeds - Since their inception, Austin's experimental pop band have striven to carve out a musical space that's as unique and musically quirky as the band's unusual name.

Masta Killa - Though he's traditionally known as the hushed, mysterious member of Wu-Tang Clan who rarely gives interviews or public appearances, hype over his latest album is anything but quiet and secret.

Dirty Projectors - Dave Longstreth has long been known for his warbly falsetto croon, but that's only a fraction of the musical abilities had by the artist.


Home Video - They continue this practice of keeping things at home base for their debut long-player No Certain Night Or Morning, one of the more skillful combinations of rock and electronic to appear in a while.

Strings of Consciousness - The nine-man musical collective keeps synch through the numerous pianos, guitars, basses, bleeps and clicks that appear in their tracks.

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