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  • 08/14/2006

The XLR8R Office Top Ten Album Picks, August 14


Various The World Is Gone XL
When dubstep and avant-pop collide, you get nothing but Various (yup, that's the band's name), XL Recordings’ newest addition to their already impressive roster. A two-piece whose deep, mystical sound parades through subtle chamber effects and reverberated vocals so intensely that you can practically imagine a harem of chicks with snakes offering something to the gods of killer jams.

Various A Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box Rhino
It’s about time that someone released 53 of the most important goth tracks (from various artists, not the band Various above), which have inspired legions of eyeliner-clad ladies and gents to dance around with limbs flailing from all angles. Featuring hits from the likes of Echo & The Bunnymen, Christian Death, and Cranes, this goth monolith of a compilation has got us feeling bummed in the best of ways.

Tod Dockstader Aerial #3 Sub Rosa
Since the

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