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  • 11/29/2006

New At INCITE Online, Nov 29

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Boduf Songs - His new album was recorded at home with just one microphone and incorporates acoustic guitar and voice along with 'well placed touches of a cymbal-playing monkey, some bricks, an e-bowed autoharp, a homemade gramophone, and daggers.'

Lullatone - As the title suggests, the concept for this album is 'pajama pop,' adding even more vocals to their cute, minimalist melodies. End result: music ideal to sleep, wake up, sit around on a Sunday afternoon, cook breakfast, have a coffee, or even sip some milk to.

Maps - Start Something, his first widely available release outside the UK, is a fusion of electronics, pop, and psychedelia draws comparisons to the scale and ambition of Spiritualized laced with melodies reminiscent of The Byrds.

Subatomic Sound System feat. Daddy Lion Chandell & Treasure Don - With performances that blur the line between DJ soundsystem, live band, and studio mix, the group exposes the common ground between dub reggae, hip-hop, dancehall, drum & bass, downtempo, and broken beat.

Steed Lord - They joined forces in early 2006 to create their own genre of crunk-electro-house with a slick gangsta twist. Take a hit of their truth serum and try to control the beat with your feet!

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