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  • 04/26/2007

ArtDon’tSleep Preps From LA With Love

Los Angeles has always been a den of musical artistry, though the city isn’t all Whiskey a Go Go and The Echo. Promoters like Andrew Lojero have been throwing parties of grandiose magnitudes in warehouses, beneath bridges, and atop rooftops for many years now–helping contribute to the diverse indie-community that peeks from the underground on From L.A. With Love.

Lojero has compiled 17 of the city’s most soulful and challenging artists that sum up the area’s crop of rising talent. Featuring tracks from Nathan Yell (Aloe Blacc), Sound Directions, Daedelus’ Adventure Time (pictured) project with frosty (Dublab), and Stones Throw songstress Georgia Anne Muldrow, the comp proves that L.A. has become a hotbed for nu-soul production.

Not unlike the East Bay’s recent hardcore resurgence, or the retro-rock of New York, Los Angeles has become embedded with a post-Project Blowed gathering of producers and bands eager to reshape the way underground music is made and heard. Just listen to the futuristic fire of Warp’s newest signing Flying Lotus or the psych-dub of Free Moral Agents, and realize that L.A. is still in full-effect.

ArtDon’tSleep Presents: From L.A. With Love is out June 5, 2007 on Milan Records.

1. From Leaf to Feather "Night Sun"
2. Nobody Presents Blank Blue "All the Shallow Deep"
3. Sound Directions "Wildflower"
4. Tarek "DJ Dusk" Captan "Let Me Know"
5. A Race of Angels "Just Begin"
6. Adventure Time "This Dome is Our Home"
7. Nathan Yell "Goodbye"
8. Coleman "No Strings Attached"
9. Computer Jay feat. The Gray Kid "1000 Fold"
10. Exile "In the Night 22"
11. Georgia Anne Muldrow "Killa Peach"
12. Flying Lotus "It's a Secret"
13. Take feat. Gaby Hernandez "Walk Away"
14. Yesterdays New Quintet "I Remember John Coltrane"
15. The Gaslamp Killer feat. Gonjasufi "Kobwebs"
16. Free Moral Agents "Sound at Sea"
17. Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson "Nag Champa"


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