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  • 04/12/2007

Stones Throw Reissues Jaylib’s Champion Sound

Four years after its original release, Peanut Butter Wolf and the Stones Throw crew are set to reissue Champion Sound, the sole full-length by Madlib and the late J Dilla, who worked collectively as Jaylib.

The original Madlib/J Dilla collaboration that evolved into the album took place in 2003, but the seed for Jaylib was planted even earlier. In 2000, Madlib dropped rhymes over a CD of Dilla beats given to him by a friend. Flash-forward to 2001, when Stones Throw label boss Peanut Butter Wolf was looking to fill one blank side of a now sold-out 12”. He didn’t hesitate to use a track from the Jaylib demo CDR. Though the release saw only 300 pressings, the duo was an instant hit, and Champion Sound was recorded shortly thereafter, with Madlib rapping over Dilla beats for half the disc, and vice versa.

The re-release features all of the disc’s original tracks, as well as an extra CD of instrumentals and remixes, packaged with previously unseen Jaylib photos. Naysayers might call it just another “deluxe album,” but considering Dilla’s untimely death in February of 2006, and the fact that this is the only known full-length the duo ever made, we like to think of it as an important artifact in the history of hip-hop.

Champion Sound is out May 8, 2007 on Stones Throw.

Disc 1
1. L.A. to Detroit
2. McNasty Filth feat. Frank-N-Dank
3. Nowadayz
4. Champion Sound
5. The Red
6. Heavy
7. Raw Shit feat. Talib Kweli
8. The Official
9. The Heist
10. The Mission
11. React
12. Strapped feat. Guilty Simpson
13. Strip Club
14. The Exclusive feat. Percee P
15. Survival Test
16. Starz
17. No Games
Bonus Track: Raw Addict
Bonus Track: Pillz

Disc 2
1. Da Rawkus (Sir Bang Version)
2. The Official (Rap Circle Mix)
3. Heavy (Chronic Mix)
4. Optimos For Dilla (Interlude)
5. Survival Test (Rasta Dub Remix)
6. Champion Sound (Remix)
7. The Mission (Stringed Out Mix)
8. One For Dilla (Interlude)
9. Strapped (Four-4 Mix)


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