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  • 05/21/2007

Kitsuné Maison 4: Crystal Castles, Feist, The Whip

With its fourth label sampler about to drop, Paris-based imprint Kitsuné still looks to be, as stated in a review of the label's third compilation (XLR8R 105), "campaigning for party label of 2007."

Maison 4 consists of previously 12”-only releases that make up the current party soundtrack for hip kids around the globe. Jean Benoit Dunckel of Air, working under his Darkel moniker, serves up a dreamy introduction to start things off, while Los Angeles-based robot rockers Guns N' Bombs do a hard-hitting, handclap-filled "Crossover Appeal." The usually angry electro-punk duo Crystal Castles seems to have injected some serotonin into its tracks of late, and even UK bad boy Whitey shows up for the fun. If Kitsuné keeps this pace up, it's going to give Ed Banger a run for its money as the party kings of Paris.

Kitsuné Maison 4 is out June 11, 2007 on Kitsuné.

1. Darkel "Be My Friend"
2. The Whip "Divebomb"
3. Feist "My Moon My Man"
4. Foals "Hummer"
5. Hadouken! "Tuning In"
6. The Passions "Emergency"
7. Riot In Belgium "La Musique"
8. Dragonette "I Get Around"
9. Guns N' Bombs "Crossover Appeal"
10. Punks Jump Up "Dancet to Our Disco"
11. Thieves Like Us "Drugs In My Body"
12. Crystal Castles "Knights"
13. Whitey "Stay on the Outside"

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