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  • 06/22/2007

Múm Preps New Album

Three years have passed since Icelandic indie phenoms Múm released Summer Make Good and, and in the interim, the band has toured with Benni Hemm Hemm and Sigur Rós, collaborated with members of Pan Sonic, and even published a couple books. Which is to say they’ve acquired some serious creative ammunition for their latest long-player, Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy.

Múm’s latest is an instrumental landmark. Taking conceptual ideas that date back to the band’s debut Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK, the band plays with childlike vocal melodies, bells, triangles, digital effects and dense, dramatic string arrangements. It looks like Animal Collective is going to have to work hard at reclaiming its thunder.

Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy is out September 25, 2007 on Fat Cat.

1. Blessed Brambles
2. A Little Bit Sometimes
3. They Made Frogs Smoke ‘Til They Exploded
4. These Eyes Are Berries
5. Moon Pulls
6. Marmalade Fires
7. Rhuubarbidoo
8. Dancing Behind My Eyelids
9. School Song Misfortune
10. I Was Her Horse
11. Guilty Rocks
12. Winter (What We Never Were After All)

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