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  • 06/26/2007

The Return of Alan Vega

After a series of energetic live performances this spring (All Tomorrows Parties, Donau Festival), the legendary post-punk howler is back with his first solo endeavor since 1999’s 2007 (you got that?). Now that it’s actually 2007, the Suicide front man is fulfilling a prophecy of sorts with Station.

On this latest album Vega hoots, hollers, and shows off some stark electronic production with tracks like ”WARRIOR! FIGHT FOR YA LIFE!!!" and  “Psychopatha,” This should nullify any typical criticism Vega usually receives for having excessive rockabilly elements in his solo work, and open the door to a new era.

Station is out July 31, 2007 on Mute.

1. Freedom's Smashed    
2. Station Station
3. Psychopatha    
4. Crime Street Cree    
5. Traceman    
6. Gun God Game    
7. 13 Crosses, 16 Blazin' Skulls    
8. S.S. Eyes    
9. Why Couldn't It Be You    
11. Devastated 

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