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Pon Di Wire: King Jammy, Beenie Man

Internationally known reggae archivist, author, and Bob Marley expert Roger “Rojah” Stephens has been unable to find a permanent home in Jamaica for his historical reggae artifacts. Read more » 

Broker/Dealer Preps New Single

Hard to believe, but Broker/Dealer hasn't unveiled a release on Spectral Sound in a good four years. Ryan and Ryan finally put a stop to this silence earlier this week, with the announcement of "Soft Sell." The new single finds the duo returning to the label and still pushing the same quality dance tracks everyone was loving so much in 2004. The release features two brand-new cuts, as well as a couple remixes of the title track courtesy of Kompakt stalwart Thomas Fehlmann. Read more » 

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  • 09/23/2008

CYNE Readies Third Album

The members of CYNE don't just remix indie rock. The hip-hop collective comprised of MCs Akin and Cise and producers Spech and Enoch have their own collection of politically charged hip-hop cuts, which they've packaged up and will release as a full album on Hometapes come October 7.


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  • 09/23/2008

Beach House Preps Single, Tour

Used-to-bes are usually something of the past no one pays much attention to anymore, often time becoming the punch line to a cheap joke. The A-side off of Beach House's limited-edition, vinyl-only single, "Used To Be," squashes the notion that the Baltimore-duo is anything of the sort. Recorded over the summer of 2008, after months of touring, the release deliberates on the spiritual and physical effects of life on the ever-evolving road, love, and growing older.


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  • 09/23/2008

Worn Out: Portland Style

Thoughts on Portland style from some of the city’s good-lookers.

Benoît Pioulard

Where do you get most of your clothes?

Generally at secondhand places, but American Apparel cuts also work well for me.

Is there a Portland look?

There's such an amalgam of style influence, coupled with a rather live-and-let-live attitude. A visiting friend of mine pointed out a kind of European feel in the ubiquity of active lifestyles and the consideration that most people give to their look.


Local Flavor

Homegrown items highlighting Portland's lo-fi style.

Adidas Originals Herringbone bag
$160, adidas.com

1byliz recycled bike clock
$34, trilliumartisans.org

Red Bat Press 10 Bridges of the Willamette Notecards
$25, redbatpress.com


Growing, Hot Chip Play Pop Montreal

Pop Montreal unveiled its final lineup today, and it’s a compelling collection of artists that's set to descend upon the Quebec capital October 1 - 5. The seven-year-old festival will see Beach House, Hot Chip, Vivian Girls, Megasoid, AIDS Wolf, Growing, and numerous others, from all types of musical genres, performing throughout the festival.


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  • 09/22/2008

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