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  • 07/18/2007

Kim Hiorthøy Preps New Record

Norway-bred, Berlin-based Kim Hiorthøy isn’t as huge a name as, say, Prins Thomas or Lindstrøm, but this guy’s role in the Scandinavian dance music scene is undeniably important. A resident artist for labels like Smalltown Supersound and Rune Grammofon, Hiorthøy is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed Hei (Vertical Form) and a slew of other groundbreaking folktronica releases, and after seven years, he has returned with a new gem, My Last Day.

Recorded in Hiorthøy's Berlin studio, My Last Day is less about the jazz and folk elements so prevalent on past endeavors, and more about electro. Sort of. Featuring both bright and chugging analog synths, MPC percussion, and scale-heavy melodies, the album contains the catchiest parts of lo-fi pop, but without the annoying vocals and fuzz that often accompany music of that genre (sorry, Ariel Pink). Tracks like “Same Old Shit” and “I Thought We Could Eat Friends,” are as intricate as vintage jazz, but also as delicately crafted as those from Hiorthøy’s Norwegian disco contemporaries. Dude may be Smalltown Supersound’s secret weapon.

My Last Day is out November 6, 2007 on Smalltown Supersound.

1. I Thought We Could Eat Friends
2. Beats Mistake
3. Skuggan
4. Album
5. Same Old Shit
6. Den Långa Berättelsen Om Stov Och Vatten
7. All Går Så Langsomt
8. Goodbye to Song
9. Wind of Failure
10. Hon Var Otydlig, Som En gas
11. I’m This, I’m That 

Hiorthøy at Beachclub in Notting Hill, London.

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