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Loading… GTA 4 Release Date Set, Sega Goes to the Wii, MTV Shows on PSP

Grand Theft Auto IV Dated
After a six-month delay (due in large part to the difficult-to-program-for PS3 version), it was announced this week that Grand Theft Auto IV will finally see the light of day on April 29th, 2008.

Featuring a hard-nosed Eurotrash tough-guy of dubious morality, GTAIV, set in the grittily realistic streets of Liberty City (better known as NYC to you and me), not only features all the car-chasing, cop-popping, gun-slinging action of the previous titles, but will also include online play and downloadable content (for the Xbox 360, anyway).

No word on the game’s musical content as of yet.

Sega Master System Games Coming to Wii
It was announced today that the Wii’s Virtual Console will soon be adding Sega Master System titles to it’s nostalgia-friendly repertoire of downloadable games.

Japan will get the Master System games first in the form of Fist of the North Star and Fantasy Zone in February, with U.S. and European releases to follow later this year.

While the Sega Master System never reached the heights of the rival NES, it still had quite a few awesome games, such as Phantasy Star and the various Alex Kidd titles.

In addition to the Master System games, Sega Mark III (a predecessor to the Master System) and Game Gear (Sega’s answer to the Game Boy) titles will also become available this year and should be another popular feature of the money-printing machine known as the Wii.

MTV Shows Coming to PSP
While Sony’s PSP has managed to gain ground as a gaming platform over the past year or two, the company's aspirations of turning it into a viable movie-watching machine died a quiet death last year as its less than stellar selection of UMD titles often cost more than what you could find on DVD.

However, in an attempt to somewhat refocus its efforts, Sony has struck a deal with MTV that would see budget-priced UMDs of some of MTV’s most beloved/hated shows make a run at PSP success as early as this week.

For the price of $14.99 (as opposed to the previous $29.99 price tag of such offerings), PSP-owners will be able to pick up:

- Beavis & Butthead: The Mike Judge Collection (Vol. 2 & 3)
- Jackass (Vol. 2 & 3)
- Aeon Flux: The Complete Animated Collection
- Viva La Bam (Vol. 2-4)
- Wildboyz (Vol. 1 & 2)

Extra points for any B&B fan who remembers what Sterculius was the *Roman god of…

*Hint: It’s poopy!

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