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  • 06/17/2008

Emperor Machine’s First-Ever Show

In its 13-year history, J. Saul Kane’s DC Recordings imprint has never catered to the ordinary. Instead, it has always been well ahead of the curve and even initiated a number of micro-trends. With a roster that includes Tom Tyler and Kelpe’s cinematic downtempo, fat electro from The Octagon Man, dubby, post-disco acts The Emperor Machine, Padded Cell, and White Light Circus, as well as Kane’s own Kung Fu breakbeat project Depth Charge, DC has eked out a striking niche in British electronic music.

Kane himself burst onto the scene as Depth Charge in 1989, with dubbed-out, Bomb Squad-style hip-hop beats which, along with the music of producers Steinski and Coldcut, were the precursors to cut ‘n’ paste turntablists like DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist. Kane hasn’t let up in two decades, always challenging the dancefloor with new aliases and styles.

With a huge DJ following and the weight of history behind them, DC Recordings club events are always hotly anticipated, including the one to be held this Saturday, June 21, when the label presents Death Before Distemper, featuring the first-ever live performance from space-disco innovator The Emperor Machine.

Also on the bill, Richard Sen’s and Neil Beatnik’s Padded Cell will perform live with Liquid Liquid’s legendary percussionist Dennis Young, while Loughborough’s favorite son Kelpe does a live set with drummer Chris Walmsley of All Traps Set.

DJ support for the night will come courtesy of Depth Charge, Marshmellow Mike, Clause Four, and Stuart Souter. Get to Corsica Studios in London and prepare yourself for a night of aural debauchery.

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Above: Kelpe.

1 comments Emperor Machine’s First-Ever Show

mikebee (not verified) Wrote

Mon, 06/30/2008 - 15:58

isn't that photo of Kel McKeown, aka Kelpe?

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