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  • 06/11/2008

Lindstrøm Announces Debut Album

Since he's one of the undisputed kings of Norwegian disco and instrumental in placing that particular scene firmly on the musical map, Lindstrøm has a lot of leverage to do as he pleases on his various musical projects.

Such is the case on his forthcoming debut album, Where You Go I Go Too, which opens with a 29-minute-long track and contains just two others, both over 10 minutes. "I wanted it to sound a bit dramatic and like a long travel," the producer says. "All the tracks are between 10 and 30 minutes long, which might be a challenge for some people to listen to from beginning to end. It's perfect for a long walk with headphones or when traveling by train or airplane."

Where You Go follows 2006's It's a Feedelity Affair, which was an album comprised of previously released singles. The new one is said to be a more melodic disco affair, and took just three months to complete. Grab it on August 19, and in the meantime, get those headphones ready for a long journey.

1. Where You Go I Go Too
2. Grand Ideas
3. The Long Way Home

Above: Lindstrøm (left) with partner in crime Prins Thomas. Photo By Lin Stensrud.

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