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  • 08/06/2008

DJ /Rupture Preps New Mix Compilation

Jace Clayton's back, ready to rock the speakers with another dub-heavy mix made under his DJ /Rupture alias. Uproot, due for release October 3 on Agriculture Records, is Clayton's first compilation since returning to Brooklyn from a seven-year stint in Spain, and as usual, the album is a sampling of bass and beats goodness. He's pulled in everyone from dubstep producer Shackleton to dub master Ghislain Poirier for the release, and, given his skills with the turntables, we can expect seamless mixing skills to shine through.

01 Baby Kites and Nokea "Reef"
02 Clouds "Elders"
03 Istari Lasterfahrer "Bang Soundboy"
04 Nokea "Cassava"
05 Atki2 "Winter Buds"
06 Maga Bo "Homeboys feat. Max Normal"
07 Clouds "Too Much"
08 Ekstrak "Mass Dampers"
09 Frescoe "Afghanistan"
10 Iron Shirt "Gave You All My Love (Matt Shadetek´s I Gave You All My Dub remix)"
11 Ekkehard Ehlers "Plays John Cassavettes pt. 2"
12 Stalker "Radios Et Announceurs"
13 Ghislain Poirier "Ignadjossi feat. Jhonel"
14 Filastine "Hungry Ghosts (instrumental)"
15 Scuba "Braille Diving"
16 Quest "Mirage (Team Shadetek Brooklyn Anthem) (acapella)"
17 Shackleton "Naked" ; Brent Arnold "Erhu Solo"
18 Timeblind "Strategy Decay (MagaBo 3akel) (acapella)"
19 Moving Ninja "Uranium"
20 Professor Shehab + lloop "Drunken Monkey (Ambient Remix)"
21 Dead Leaf "Save from the Flames All That Yet Remains"
22 We(TM) "Second-Hand Science"

2 comments DJ /Rupture Preps New Mix Compilation

Anonymous (not verified) Wrote

Wed, 08/06/2008 - 12:28

WOW- I wondered what Rupture had been doing all this time. This looks like an epic mix. cant wait to hear it

mo (not verified) Wrote

Sat, 08/09/2008 - 19:28

It seems that the mp3 version is already available :)

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