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  • 03/24/2009

Contribute to MUTEK at Fundraiser

A flailing economy doesn't mean all festivities and fun must cease, it just means one has to be a little more creative in generating the means to hold said festivities and fun. Hence, MUTEK's first-ever fundraiser, which will aid in gathering money to support the festival's 10-year anniversary event.

"Given the current economic climate, we believe that a diversification of revenue sources is necessary if we are to fully realize all of our ambitions," the company stated in a recent press release, before putting aside fancy economics lingo and inviting fans to head over to the Agora Hydro-Quebec Cour des sciences on Wednesday, April 8. Attendees will be privy to a premiere performance of POWER, a film specially commissioned for the 10-year anniversary, which they may watch while ingesting top-shelf wine and snacks.

Tickets are $250 each. Purchase them via the MUTEK site. For those wanting to help but nowhere near Montreal, visit the same location to donate some cash to the cause.

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