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  • 05/27/2009

Håkan Lidbo and Co Start New Festival

A new electronic music event is about to kick off, namely, Sweden's Volt Festival. DJ/producer Håkan Lidbo (of Pokerflat and Mille Plateaux fame), one of the artists involved in the planning, sent an email out earlier today indicating just what to expect.

Suffice to say, it won't just be DJs playing on stages. Besides performances, the Volt Festival will feature the Analogue Synth Symphonic Orchestra, a full orchestra in which all instruments are replaced by 1970s and '80s synths. Unai's Erik Moller will play the role of conductor while the musicians perform a specially written piece of music (below).

"As more and more musicians (and synthesizers) join the orchestra all the time, it's hard to tell exactly how big it will be June 6," says Lidbo. "We aim [to have] 40 musicians onstage."

Besides the orchestra, performers also include Gas, Tomas Andersson, Dada Life, Cassy, Lidbo himself, and many others. The festival takes place June 6 in Uppsala, Sweden.

Confirmed Lineup:
Gas, Cassy, Dada Life, Tomas Andersson, Unai, Different, Lisa Nordström, Magnum 38, Pamela Bellafesta, Little Jinder, Raiders of the Lost ARP, Daniel Skoglund, O-visionen, Erik Mikael Karlsson, Erase, Trig, Toymoelstrr, LM393, Kliin, DJ Mikronesien, Unzdag, Blek, DJ Frankenstein, Play!, Mokira, Håkan Lidbo, Knivflickan, Mats Almegård

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