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  • 06/11/2009

Joakim Trades Monsters for Milky Ways

The last time we checked in with Joakim Bouaziz, talk revolved around all things monster-related. 2009 finds the French producer less concerned with where the wild things are and more laid back as he prepares for the release of his third full-length, Milky Ways. Though no less ambitious (he apparently included every genre from electro to blues on the release), the new album finds Bouaziz sharper musically, having fine-tuned his live band, which he used throughout the recording process. "I'm addicted to music," he says. "I listen to a lot of very different things, and whenever I hear something interesting in a song I think, 'Let's try it, put it with something completely different and see what it does, like a mad scientist.'"

!K7 will release his experimental musings on September 15.

Milky Ways:
01 Back to Wilderness
02 Ad Me
03 Fly Like an Apple
04 Spiders
05 Glossy Papers
06 Medusa
07 Love & Romance & a Special Person
08 King Kong is Dead
09 Travel in Vain
10 Little Girl

Photo By Camille Henrot and Christophe McPherson Piedagnel.

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