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  • 12/16/2009

Dance Music Giants Come Together for DJ Contest

Some of the biggest brands involved with furthering dance music today, Beatport, Pioneer, Tonium, and DJ Magazine, have joined forces and resources with newcomer website Let's Mix to hold the "Next Generation DJ" contest. The competition is not only a skills battle, showcased by making a mix using exclusive software from the website, but also requires entrants to exercise some shameless self-promotion in the form of creating an identity online, managing a site profile, and telling everyone they know, along with many they don't, about it. Many of the contest's competitors will receive some free equipment, including Tonium's Pacemaker, and media exposure for succeeding, but only the taker of 1st Place will be showcased at the 2010 Winter Music Conference, sign to a record label and DJ agency, and release their own mix compilation through Beatport. It's an exciting opportunity for young tastemakers and party starters to look into. The first stage of the "Next Generation DJ" contest started yesterday and goes til the end of January.

pictured Tonium Pacemaker

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