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  • 05/12/2010

Tiësto & Diplo Take Huge Crap in Your Ears

Remember the YouTube video that was circulating a while back that featured a falsely subtitled interview with Tiësto? In the video, he claims that he starts making tracks by drinking Scotch and watching The Real World while his dog licks his anus, then he interprets those slurping sounds on his Casio. Though his many fans would like to believe otherwise, the Dutch producer's latest collaboration with Diplo is proof that whoever subtitled the video wasn't that far off—"C'Mon" is the aural equivalent of santorum, a called-in piece of disgusting trance chords, shitty electro bass, and kicks that a feral child could imitate in his sleep. Check it out on Beatport, or listen to a low bit-rate version of the whole track here. And be prepared to hear this playing at the next Lakers game.

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