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  • 06/28/2010

Thomas Köner to Re-Release First Three Albums on Type

German drone icon Thomas Köner has been pioneering new, strange sounds within the realm of noise and drone music since the early '90s. In those days, the experimental musician and composer wrote and recorded three albums that set the bar for any like-minded music to come. The three records, Nunatak, Teimo, and Permafrost, have long been out of print, but now, thanks to the Type label, they will soon be available as one three-disc collection. August 17 will see the release of Nunatak, Teimo, Permafrost, a triptych of dark ambient music from Köner, featuring his extensive work with gongs and homemade wind instruments. You can listen to some of the forthcoming music here and here, and check out the artwork below.

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