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  • 10/27/2010

Video: The Books' "I Didn't Know That"

Leave it to New York sound artists The Books to make something out of anything. First, they made one of the most interesting and enjoyable albums to be heard this year out of self-help tapes, recordings of children's stories, and other pieces of "humanity's sonic hodgepodge" (as our 9/10 review of The Way Out puts it). And now, the duo of Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong made a wacky music video for their funky "I Didn't Know That" tune with manipulated VHS footage of golfers, car explosions, airbag testing, and plenty of other randomness. The concept and execution of the video, which was directed by Zammuto himself, are as original and entertaining as the song itself, and make for some pretty darn good watching altogether.

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