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  • 11/24/2010

Isolée to Release Third Album Next Year Via DJ Koze's Pampa Records

Nearly six years after the release of his last full-length album, We Are Monster, German minimal house patron Isolée (pictured above) has finished work on his follow-up record, which will surface next year. The 11-song Well Spent Youth is scheduled to drop on January 21 courtesy of DJ Koze's Pampa Records, and will stand as DJ/producer Rajko Müller's third album under his Isolée moniker. The album is purported to be "psychedelic" and full of analog sounds, as well as fit for both home listening and club soundsystems. You can check out the full tracklist for Well Spent Youth below, and look for Koze and Müller performances in NYC between December 4 and 9.

1. Paloma Triste
2. Thirteen Times An Hour
3. Taktell
4. Journey's End
5. Going Nowhere
6. One Box
7. Celeste
8. Trop Près De Toi (97' Interlude)
9. Hold On
10. Transmission
11. In Our Country Paloma Triste

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