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  • 11/10/2010

Listen to Tracks From Horsepower Productions' New Album

Nearly a month ago, we dropped the news that veteran dubstep outfit Horsepower Productions was prepping a brand-new album to be released on November 29 via the reliable Tempa label, and now, weeks before it comes out, we can listen to half of Quest for the Sonic Bounty. Over on Tempa's SoundCloud profile we're treated to five of the nine songs featured on Horsepower's forthcoming full-length, including "Water," "Mexican Slayride," "Kingstep (LP Version)," "Damn It," and "Exercising (Horsepower Remix)." Each of the five songs—complete with audio dropouts and voiceovers so you guys don't get any wise ideas—are embedded below for your listening convenience.


"Mexican Slayride"

"Kingstep (LP Version)"

"Exercising (Horsepower Remix)"

"Damn It"

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