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  • 01/13/2011

Red Bull Music Academy 2011 To Take Place In Tokyo

The Red Bull Music Academy has been gathering up-and-coming producers, DJs, and musicians with legends and pioneers of the music world since it began in 1998, every year choosing a new city and music scene to highlight. For 2011 the Academy has chosen Tokyo, Japan as its destination. There they will gather 60 participants with an assortment of music professionals (other artists, journalists, DJs, label heads, studio engineers, etc.) to share ideas, make music, perform, and do all the other things that fall in between. Starting February 2, RBMA will be accepting applicants until April 4, with the event taking place in two seperate fortnight-long terms between October 23 and November 25. In the meantime, you can check out the newest RBMA podcast, which just dropped on its site and features 40-plus minutes of material, including unreleased tracks from 00Genesis and Ango as well as an exclusive track each from Subeena and GuSHee. As always, RBMA will be making its way around the globe throughout the year with various events, workshops, and the likes so we'll make sure to keep you posted.

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