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  • 01/25/2011

Video: Boxcutter "TV Troubles"

The first video to surface on behalf of Boxcutter's forthcoming LP for Planet Mu, The Dissolve (released April 25), is for a quick little production called "TV Troubles." The tune is a strange number from the Irish producer, as it flexes a serious '80s-funk vibe compared to his usual UK bass-inspired sounds, and is paired with a healthy amount of psyched-out VHS footage. Montreal's Sabrina Ratté directs the clip, which is essentially a colorful experiment with video feedback, and a pretty one at that. With "TV Troubles" being so brief, it certainly leaves us wanting a bit more from Boxcutter's fresh arsenal of tracks, so thankfully a brand-new single for "Allele" and "Other People" will drop via the aforementioned label on March 7. You can check out the vinyl label for that little release below.

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