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  • 01/04/2011

Video: d'Eon "Kill a Man With a Joystick in Your Hand"

This relatively simple video piece for the haunting, hip-hop-slanted tune "Kill a Man With a Joystick in Your Hand" by Hippos in Tanks artist d'Eon is made mostly from an array of images taken from news programs, video games, YouTube videos, and seemingly less common sources. We say "simple" because it's basically just found footage that's been edited together, but in reality, there's something a bit more complicated and controversial going on here. As the man who delivered the video to the web, Todd Ledford of Olde English Spelling Bee, put it over on FACT: "The subject of this song is remote warfare. It also explores the connection between violent video games and modern forms of warfare... This is a meditation on modern reality, and no effort is being made to distinguish 'wrong' from 'right.' Let's just think instead about 'what is.' Modern technology-based violence is contrasted with more direct forms of violence and both are contrasted with the biggest wars being fought globally right now every minute of every day: video games." After reading Ledford's whole piece and watching the chilling video, we get the sense that maybe this is the kind of thing M.I.A. has been trying to hint at with her bombastic audio/video output, but here it is instead, nailed so perfectly and effortlessly with seemingly no budget or hype at all.

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