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  • 01/13/2011

Video: Magick Mountain "One For My Ego"

A song like Magick Mountain's heavenly house track "One For My Ego" doesn't need anything more than the company of a handful of pretty images to make a great music video. And that's exactly what director Aaron Katsnelson does, to absolute perfection. Beautiful computer-generated images appear and fade away, manipulating and contorting themselves into an array of different patterns, shapes, and colors while NYC producer Magick Mountain methodically adds layer upon layer of bliss-house goodness. Are the images just a random assemblage of Katsnelson's creations or are they purposeful in their order and placement throughout the video? We really don't know and, frankly, we really don't care. We'll be fine taking this one at face value—an entrancing song with an equally trance-inducing video. The "One For My Ego" b/w "Plains" single is out now on The Pop Manifesto

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