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  • 01/05/2011

Video: Mount Kimbie "Before I Move Off"

The second video to appear from UK duo Mount Kimbie is a veritable clusterfuck of images attached to the lovely "Before I Move Off" track from the outfit's excellent, high-ranking Crooks & Lovers album. Using an unbelievable number of photographs, director Tyrone Lebon crafted a massive montage that whizzes past your eyes like an iPhoto slideshow on any number of homemade amphetamines. Truthfully, it can be a bit much to watch, as Lebon never offers a static visual for more than one or two seconds (if that), but we can certainly respect the amount of painstaking work that went into it, not to mention there are a great number of beautiful pictures in the mix. And Mount Kimbie's accompanying music certainly boosts the piece's appeal, too.

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