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  • 02/04/2011

Video Premiere: RJD2 as The Insane Warrior "The Water Wheel"

So, Philly's premiere vinyl excavator RJD2 has a brand-new side-project called The Insane Warrior. Under that new moniker, DJ/producer Ramble John Krohn just released the album We Are the Doorways (listen to that here), which is apparently a John Carpenter- and Brian Eno-influenced soundtrack to a sci-fi horror film that doesn't yet exist. And we now have the first effort of pairing images with RJ's fresh sounds with the brand-new video for "The Water Wheel." This D.I.Y.-looking clip is quite the hands-on production, as you see Krohn himself subjected to an array of images whilst being strapped down à la A Clockwork Orange. We're not sure exactly what story is being told here, but we can guess that RJD2's character could possibly be rewatching the events in his life that led him to spiral out of control and end up in a wheelchair with hooks for hands. Or maybe we've just been getting way into Enter the Void. You make the call. And if you're interested in becoming a part of the The Insane Warrior's video project, in which you make and submit your own visual interpretation of the music from We Are the Doorways, you can check out all of the necessary info here.

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