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  • 03/04/2011

Listen to a New Appleblim Mix Before He Plays Fabric's Room One

On Saturday, March 12, Apple Pips boss and UK bass wrangler Appleblim will help take over Room One at London's illustrious Fabric club with the likes of Shackleton, Ricardo Villalobos, and Craig Richards. To further excite everyone planning to attend the auspicious get-down (not to mention those of us who just enjoy really good music), the producer/mixmaster had a chat with the Fabric blog and also crafted a slick mix of tunes you're likely to hear at his performance. Most of the jams mixed into Appleblim's DJ set are unreleased or forthcoming tracks from the likes of Gatekeeper (the UK one), Arkist, Kidkut, George Fitzgerald, October, and the mix creator himself, among others. You can stream/download the Fabric Main Room Mix, as well as check out the full tracklist, below. Fabric's interview with Appleblim can be found here, and you can get more info on his upcoming Fabric performance here.

1. Butahn Tiger Rescue - Beginner's Waltz - excerpt (Kompakt)
2. October & Borai - I Didn't Mean To (forthcoming Apple Pips)
3. Kowton - She Don't Jack (Idle Hands)
4. Axel Bowman - Naomi (forthcoming Glass Table)
5. October & Appleblim - NY Fizzzzzz (forthcoming Smorgasbord)
6. George Fitzgerald - We Bilateral (forthcoming Hotflush)
7. Al Tourettes - Badger (forthcoming Bloc / Baselogic)
8. SCB - Loss (forthcoming Aus Music)
9. Pulsar - Coconut Shuffle (unreleased)
10. Sunday Roast - Choices (Soulserious)
11. Arkist & Kidkut - Vanilla Imitate (forthcoming Hotflush)
12. Phat Chex - Can't Stop - (unreleased)
13. Paul Woolford - Let It Go - Komonazmuk & Appleblim Remix (forthcoming Intimacy Music)
14. Gatekeeper - Atmosphere Processor (forthcoming Apple Pips)
15. Gatekeeper - Let Us in (forthcoming Apple Pips)
16. Arkist - Fill My Coffee (forthcoming Apple Pips)
17. Gatekeeper & Kidkut – Alpha Apex (unreleased)
18. Gatekeeper & Kidkut - Code Red (unreleased)
19. Arkist - Rendezvous (forthcoming Apple Pips)

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