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  • 04/06/2011

Watch Daedelus Perform Live For Incase's Room 205 Series

Southern Californian beat maestro Daedelus recently took a trip to a certain Room 205 to record a live performance for the ongoing series curated by Incase. Donning his finest Victorian garb, producer Alfred Darlington performs with his custom-made controllers a new version of his 2004 track, "Scaling Snowdon." Daedelus envisioned his live set in Room 205 as follows: "I would like to perform at a seance in a Victorian parlor accompanied by ghosts. Conjuring the music, so to speak," which is precisely how it appears. Candelabras, lace curtains, skull paperweights, and a particularly creepy Beethoven lamp all add to the mood brought on by the ghostly sounds of "Scaling Snowdon (Slow Climb Version)."

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