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  • 05/05/2011

Video: Hyetal's "Beach Scene"

Nostalgia—will it ever go out of fashion? It seems as though we've been caught in a simulacrum of one decade or another since the '90s ended. Yet, within the process of simulating is the power for restructuring the past into something fresh. Eclectically influenced Bristol-based producer Hyetal, for instance, takes more than a handful of nostalgic sources and blends them together to paradoxically invoke a past that never was. Take, for example, this video for his latest single, "Beach Scene," off his just-released album, Broadcast, on Black Acre. Musically, the track takes cues from late-'80s Italo, complete with Jupiter-8 arpeggiations, a shuffling rhythm led by a gated snare, and shimmering LFO stabs. Visually, the song comes alive; it's comprised of clips from a promo video for a now-abandoned, Portuguese amusement park, where a gaggle of phantom people enjoy phantom luxuries. Check out the video above, and be sure to pick up Broadcast.

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