Deftones Frontman Launches Witch-House Project, Genre Officially Over

Granted, the entire notion of "witch house" was pretty fucking lame from the get-go, but the news that Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has launched a new project called ††† (pronounced "Crosses") is pretty much the genre's death knell, right? The three-piece group, which claims Los Angeles as its hometown—what happened to Sacramento?—has also released a free, five-song EP, entitled—you guessed it—. Witch-house diehards and the morbidly curious can head here to download the release. We've gone ahead and posted the complete tracklist below, and it's loaded with † symbols too. Yikes. (via Altered Zones)

01 †his Is A †rick
02 Op†ion
03 Bermuda Locke†
04 †hholyghs†
05 †

Update: ††† member Shaun Lopez replied to our story on Twitter with this classy graphic. Sick burn dude.

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