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  • 08/16/2011

Scuba to Release New Single

UK-based producer and Hotflush label head Paul Rose has just announced the release of three-track single "Adrenelin," his first release as Scuba since last year's well-received Triangluation LP. Continuing in the more dancefloor-centric sound he began flirting with under his SCB moniker—see the excellent "Loss" b/w "Futureunknown," released earlier this year on Aus Music—"Adrenelin" is a sonic collage of styles that combines the vocal manipulation of dubstep and garage with moments of Visionquest-style tech-house, '90s trance, and classic freestyle. "Adrenelin" drops September 26 on Hotflush, but in the meantime, check out the album art and tracklist below.

A1. Adrenalin
B1. Never
B2. Everywhere

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