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2008 Nu-Jazz, Electronic, and Global Albums Announced

Ubiquity, Six Degrees, Environ, and others plan top flight first quarter.

Nu-jazz, nu-soul, broken-beat, leftfield jazz, and downtempo music galore will fill your record racks, hard drives, and music players this spring. New release announcements have begun, with a variety of labels and genres gearing up for a musically resplendent first quarter (in music biz slang, that’s January through May).


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  • 01/07/2008

Daedelus Readies Live Album

If you've yet to visit Low End Theory, the L.A.-based weekly soundclash that mashes psychedelic, glitch, avant-rap, and IDM artists together, Daedelus' forthcoming album will serve as a good indicator of what you're missing. Live at Low End Theory was recorded in July of 2007, with the whimsical producer and his trusty monome MIDI device dropping a carefully picked selection of glitch-happy, dancefloor-friendly tracks from his many albums. Read more » 

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  • 01/07/2008

Duplexes Of The Dead


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  • 01/03/2008

Pon Di Wire: Dancehall TV, New Riddims and Did Sting '07 Flop?

The past week was all about the drama and rae-rae at Guinness Sting ’07, and live Christmas concerts in general in Jamaica. Thankfully, OutARoad kept things in perspective with their humorous best dressed artists at the Sting round-up. Who was top-a-top in the dancehall threads category? Read more » 

The Mars Volta Preps Album, Tour

In November of 2007, The Mars Volta released The Mars Volta's Descent into Bedlam: A Rhapsody in Three Parts, which documented the band's history and the creation process behind its fourth album, The Bedlam in Goliath (due out January 29 on Universal). Said to be inspired by a ouija board picked up in Jerusalem, bad luck, and neo-spiritual forces, the album is as conceptual as any of the Mars Volta's previous works, which should bode well for the lengthy tour about to commence. Read more » 

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  • 01/01/2008

Pon Di Wire: Lucky Dube Tribute, Dancehall Street Battles, New Tunes for 2008.

Members of Mavado and Vybz Kartel’s entourages squared off at the popular street dance Bembe Thursdays in Kingston. A reporter from OutARoad commented: “Mavado and him crew did stand in the direction of the bathroom, and it seems like Kartel and a few men from his entourage was heading in that same direction when Mavado’s thugs tried to stop them from passing through the middle, and then things got ugly. Bottle mash in a head, kick and punch and all sort of things erupted.” Police moved in quickly to break up the incident.

Story of the Year: Distribution Distress

Goya Music UK’s November 30 announcement that it was closing after 10 years as broken-beat and nu-jazz music’s most respected distributor only furthered speculation that niche vinyl distribution may finally be breathing its last gasp. A press release posted at Bugz In The Attic’s CoopR8 online social network read in part: “Last week our good friends and partners, Goya Music Distribution Ltd, filed for liquidation. Read more » 

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  • 12/28/2007

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