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  • 02/01/2012

Video: Al Tourettes "Inventing"

Bristol-based beatsmith Al Tourettes (a.k.a. Al Storey) has released this video for "Inventing," a Bruce Haack-sounding tune that will be one half of Storey's two-song EP due out later this month through the Sneaker Social Club label. The odd clip appears to document the goings-on inside the mind of a horny science undergrad as he struggles to make it through his class schedule while dosing on mushrooms. First up is biology, where cellular structures are examined up close, followed by anatomy—a notoriously difficult subject while hallucinating—in which we encounter clips of a rather bloody surgery. Fortunately, up next is a short respite from book learning in the form of an unexpected move to images of naked women. After the break, the subject tries as hard as possible to focus on wave functions of atomic orbitals, but instead, drifts off while daydreaming about a turtleneck-wearing brunette from the dorms.

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