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  • 03/23/2012

Check Out a Podcast From Okzharp

London's Okzharp, one of the three producers who make up the venerable UK outfit LV, recently dropped an hour-long mix of South African house, UK funky, and other assorted bits online. In anticipation of his upcoming performance at Wifey, the London club night had the man put together a DJ set, and it appears Okzharp did not take the task on lightly—bringing together over 40 tracks that make for an international tour of the bass music contiuum. You can download the entire mix here, or stream the entire affair, as well as check out its impressive tracklist, below.

Dirty Paraffin – PapPap
Jumping Back Slash – Storms
Big Nuz – Ama Lights (Okzharp edit)
Heatsick – Dream Tennis
DJ Cee & Mogrigo – Bass Delight
Richard III & Ruffest – R&R
Eric Kupper – Bloom
DJ Steavy & Mr Edu K Zo & Kliff Oday – Track 7
Beneath – Dilemma
Kenny Dope & Terry Hunter – Mass Destruction (No Hook)
Morokka – Moonbox
Minister – Murder (Okzharp edit)
Aero Manyelo – ?
DJ Killer – Baby Jelly (Okzharp edit)
Blackdown – Wicked Vibes
Jook 10 – Daka
Ruffest – Woza Siyaspenda
DJ Spookz – Everything
Alinco Cuts – Ultranova
? – Sthanwasami (Okzharp edit)
Lil Silva – Nitro
Basement Jaxx – Don’t Give Up
Cardopusher – Guava Blossom
DJ Kitano – Dear Nomalanga
DJ Killer – Track 8 (Okzharp edit)
Louie Vega – Love & Happiness (Yemeya Y Ochun)
Funkystepz – Fuller
Zomby – Salamander
? – Track 08
Dirty Paraffin – Big Bootyholic (Okzharp Big Bootyleg edit)
DJ TWhy – Busted remix
Jumping Back Slash – Number One Big Big
DJ Rashad – Nightmares
Ahmed Ianka Nabav – Eh Congo
Remarc – RIP (Philip D Kick jungle edit)
DJ Spinn – Juke Jazz
DJ Spinn & Rashad – Transported
DJ Dman – Juke Bottle Aaliyah
DJ Rashad & DJ Lucky – Love U
Trencher – Nightmare on Crack Street (Okzharp Nightmare On Juke Street edit)
LV & Mumdance – Zteaknight
H313 – Lion
Sssshh – Our Little Secret

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