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  • 03/22/2012

Nicolas Jaar's Clown & Sunset Aesthetics to Release Compilation in "Prism" Format

Despite its widespread use, the MP3 is still a long way from having a complete monopoly when it comes to music formats. Vinyl sales are actually increasing, CD use still abounds, and even the once-forgotten cassette tape has found itself a niche market. Now, the ever-progressive Nicolas Jaar and his Clown & Sunset Aesthetics collective are debuting yet another new format, one which has been dubbed the "prism." It's a twelve-song compilation of "mostly unreleased" tracks from Jaar and his CSA associates, but instead of scratching it with a needle, putting it in your disc drive, or downloading it from a website, you simply plug your headphones into a small, lightweight aluminum cube. Jaar's stated purpose is to restore physicality to the listening experience and force the consumer to consider the medium, rather than simply the music. The cube has two headphone jacks, allowing for a shared experience, and four unlabeled buttons that control volume and allow listeners to start, stop, and skip through tracks. The official release date for the cubic compilation, titled Don't Break My Love, is May 1. The complete tracklisting can be found below.

01 Brandon Wolcott & Emil Abramyan "YouAndTheSpace Between"
02 Pavla & Noura "Siblings Music"
03 Nikita Quasim "GHOST"
04 Nicolas Jaar "Why Didn't You Save Me"
05 Pavla & Noura "Don't Owe Me A Thing"
06 Just Friends "Avalanche"
07 Acid Pauli "Palomitastep"
08 Nicolas Jaar & Will Epstein "Never Have I Ever"
09 Vtgnike "Untitled Juke"
10 Nicolas Jaar, Will Epstein, Dave Harrington & Ian Sims "Ishmael"
11 Valentin Stip "Hiathaikm"
12 Nicolas Jaar "Don't Break My Love"

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